Feed me, feed me NOW!!!!!!!

So we met Mr Piggy in the last article. But who is he and what does he want?

He wants what all of us do. He wants to survive. He wants to grow. He wants to thrive. And like an amoral, pissed off, hungry, angry toddler, he will do anything to achieve his goals.

What's the one thing every parent knows? No one on earth, not even Satan himself, knows how to press buttons like a toddler. Deciphering exactly what it is they want? That is a conundrum worthy of Poirot, Holmes, Maigret. 'Are you hungry? Tired? Wet? Thirsty?' Sometimes, it seems they scream just to remind the world they can.

Mr Piggy has a lot in common with a toddler. He doesn't really understand the world. He knows he is in it. He knows that certain things make his life better. He has discovered all the right buttons. Press them, be fed , feel the warmth. Keep pressing and the attention, the 'love' never wavers.

Am I calling your kids Mr Piggy? Full disclosure, I'm not renowned for my love of kids, but even I'm not that bad!

Mr Piggy shares some similarities with a toddler, but there is one massive difference. As a child ages, it becomes aware. I am not the center of the universe. Let's explore, let's change!

Change. The one thing Mr Piggy cannot do. His very life is dependent upon continuance of a reality in which he is the center. He needs you to continue to listen to him, to feed him, to cherish him.

So he takes on a new role. He listens. Every time you doubt yourself, your worth, your place in society, he hears. He is a good student. Sitting there with his notebook ,scribbling away. A true observer. But a biased one. He exists to exist.

And when you are low, when sleep is hard or life tough, once again he changes. He becomes the story teller. Every fact you have given him he uses to undermine. He takes it and drips the story back to you. And as the story grows, so does his belly. What starts as a snack becomes a meal, becomes a feast.

And all because, he cannot change. And when you start to change. When you hear his whisperings, wonder what they are and challenge them, he gets worried. The stories get louder. The screams. His existence depends on keeping you miserable.

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