Performative wellness. Positive choices. Think positive thoughts.

Bullcrap. And dangerous bullcrap. The past few years have seen an explosion of people offering 'coaching and therapy'. Have a look at their websites and what you'll find are the usual 'think happy thoughts' memes. You too can have everything in life with a positive attitude

At it's extremities, there are those who will accuse people with serious life limiting conditions of bringing it on themselves. 'If only you had maintained a more positive attitude and squeezed a squirrel as I told you'.

I've seen this extended to people with cancer, physical disabilities, diabetes. Not only is it erroneous, it is damaging and hurtful. How would you feel if the person you chose to support you, the person you trusted with your pain, blamed your attitude for your cancer?

Performative wellness, the positivity movement dismisses one salient point. In life, there are certain immutable experiences. Illness, pain, distress, emotional imbalance are objectively real. Our response to them is subjective, but we cannot escape their reality by wishing them away.

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